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This pack from the Razer collection is ideal for maintaining and caring for your beard in style. Delivered in a collector's case, it includes all the essential tools to shape and maintain your flawless beard.

The pack includes:

  1. Beard Brush: A specially designed brush to detangle and tame your beard hair, while stimulating blood circulation to promote healthy growth.

  2. Blade razor: A precision razor with a sharp blade to sculpt and trim the contours of your beard with precision.

  3. Spare blade: A spare blade to ensure a clean and precise cut at all times.

  4. Beard oil: A nourishing oil specially formulated to moisturize and soften your beard, while providing a pleasant fragrance.

  5. Soap: A mild, moisturizing soap to deeply cleanse your beard and skin, while preserving their natural balance.

  6. Beard Cream: A moisturizing cream that helps tame stray hairs, maintain your beard's shape and keep it looking groomed and shiny.

  7. Pair of scissors: Professional quality scissors to trim and sculpt your beard with precision. They allow you to remove unwanted hair and give your beard the desired shape.

  8. Double comb: A versatile comb with two types of teeth, suitable for different beard textures. It makes it easy to detangle and style your beard.

  9. Storage bag: A practical bag to store all your beard care tools and take them with you on the go.

This complete pack from the Razer collection is an ideal choice for beard enthusiasts looking for both performance and sleek style. With these quality tools, you will be able to take care of your beard with ease and achieve a neat and precise look.

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