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The Poseidon bracelet is a beautiful anchor bracelet from our collection, inspired by the power and grandeur of Poseidon, the Greek god of the seas. This bracelet is designed to symbolize strength, protection and the adventurous spirit of the wearer.

The bracelet is adjustable to fit all wrists and ankles, providing a comfortable fit. It features a silver ZAMAK alloy anchor, which is carefully plated for a lasting shine. The anchor is a symbol of stability and security, reminding of the inner strength needed to face life's challenges.

The bracelet is made with strong and durable cordage, offering both comfort and style. Its length of approximately 21 cm is suitable for most wrists.

In order to preserve the quality and lifespan of your Poseidon bracelet, it is recommended not to wear it in the shower and to avoid exposing it to intense sports activities.

Wear the Poseidon bracelet with pride and let its maritime symbolism accompany you on all your adventures. Whether it's exploring new horizons or finding your inner balance, this bracelet will remind you of your inner strength and determination to successfully navigate the waters of life.

  • Size: Adjustable fits all wrists and ankles
  • Anchor plating: Silver
  • Bracelet length: About 21cm
  • Anchor: ZAMAK alloy
  • Strap: Rope
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