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Comment recharger un briquet à cigare ?

How to refill a cigar lighter?

You have just purchased a lighter in our Workshop, for security reasons it will be delivered to you without gas.

The 1st step before being able to take advantage of it is therefore the gas refill .

Recharging a torch lighter goes through a very simple process that is accessible to everyone.

However, it is essential to follow a few important steps to ensure a good life for your lighter.

To refill your lighter, bring the following equipment:

  • A gas refill for a quality lighter (such as a gas marked zero impurity).
  • A small screwdriver or sharp knife

Step 1: purging the lighter

First of all, before even thinking about filling the lighter with gas, you must make sure that it is completely empty of gas but also of air.

The reason for this purge is simple, over time air can accumulate in the tank and prevent the gas from contacting the spark, causing one of the most common failures but also one of the easiest to repair; )

To perform this purge, take a pen, a screwdriver or a knife and press the filling valve to empty the air that has accumulated there.

Step 2: refill the lighter

  • Shake the gas refill before use,
  • Position your lighter upside down (upside down)
  • Position the mouthpiece on the filling valve of the lighter and press the top down.
  • Press for about 5 seconds and repeat the operation 3 times.
  • Wait a few minutes for the gas to reach room temperature.
  • Adjust the intensity of the flame to the desired height.
  • Light your lighter .
If the flame is still absent or too weak, repeat the operation.

Note: If while filling your lighter you hear a hissing sound, or notice leaks, it is probably that the tip of the refill is not correctly positioned in the valve or that it is not adapted to the diameter of the valve.

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Precautions before recharging:

  • Do not refill your lighter immediately after using it. It is important that the latter is completely cold.
  • When recharging, the intensity of the flame must be set to its minimum. (Via the adjustment screw, next to the loading valve)
  • Hold your lighter away from your face
  • ALWAYS fill your lighter upside down (upside down), the same goes for the gas refill .
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